Monday, September 12, 2005

Y'all, this computer thing is going to die.

I was happily clicking away with amusing (or at least not-depressing) little tales of my days and I had all this time in which to write, and then TA DA! The computer gave me not the blue screen of death, but rather the login screen. And the owner or whatever came over and said (with his eyes, mind you), "huh! That is strange! I will reboot the computer."

And my beautiful post was gone.

Not even the Recover Post button brought it back.

I went to three museums today -- well, three and a gift shop. National Gallery (fancy paintings by famous people, +100 culture points), National Portraits Gallery Gift Shop (I figured the postcards would give me the general idea, -20 culture points for not actually going into the museum), Natural Science Museum (what's up, motion detecting t-rex! + 75 culture points), and the Science Museum (lots of gorgeous, futuristic blue-and-white style lighting, but wasn't all that keen to read the plaques or stop at most of the exhibits, so +50 culture points).

See, the thing is that the Science Museum had a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy exhibition, which contained stuff from the movie -- how they did the effects, some of the props and puppets, etc. But they wanted an extra £8 for it, and even if I was going to pay such a ridiculous price I'd already missed the last showing. I don't know why they were having showings and wouldn't let me just walk through, but whatever. Bitches.

I dragged my sorry, sore-footed self back, and now I'm at the internet cafe where I just lost a substantial post. Bleah.

Tomorrow I think I'll hit the Wetlands Centre, long commute and all. On Wednesday, to Scotland. Still don't know where I'm meeting Stephanie.

I have 2 mins. I'm updating now. Man, I need me a wireless connection.

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