Saturday, September 10, 2005

8 minutes. Okay.

Roller disco: MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER. Okay. Here's how it goes.

There are five kinds of people there:
1. People who are good and have clearly done this before. They're usually the ones who are employed by the club to keep people from getting run over when they fall on their ass. Fancy moves and, in one case, a terrifying outfit (white lycra shorts and tank top with a black hip pack -- ew). But they've clearly been doing this for years, and this is their moment in the sun.

(I just got another half hour on the internet).

2. People who are decent enough skaters that they can sort of dance to the music, but often flail out with an arm or leg in a desperate bid to keep from falling on their ass.

3. People who aren't terribly good and settle on just skating (often holding on to another person in the same category) and don't worry about the music.

4. People who don't skate at all, but paid the money in order to laugh at the fact that they're drinking beer while wearing skates. They feel all trendy, since this is the New Thing.

5. The people who go there to just drink but not wear skates.

I was pretty well in the second and third categories. I grooved a little, and then would smack someone in a desperate bid to not fall on my ass, and eventually just skated around. They had three rooms (and three bars -- drinking and skating? that's a dumb idea) with different types of music. One room was presumably 70's, one was funk(ish), and one was garage/indy. I recognized all of two songs.

And I realized that the only way to really meet someone at these places, unless you're at the bar, is to skate into them "by accident" and hope to strike up a conversation. Or help them up when they've fallen on their ass. Swell.

But it was fun. One guy skated into the back of a couch to stop himself, leaned on it, realized it was going to fall, almost steadied himself, and then fell, taking the couch down with him. It was hilarious.

I really do not remember, it hurting that much to skate so long (oh, my hips!). I am not getting old. You shut up.

AND it ate the rest of my post. I have four minutes. DAMN.

Went to the British museum (rock!). Walked around Trafalger Square and Picadilly and other similarly amusingly named places (expensive stuff there). Walked too much and now my feet hurt and so tonight we're staying in with a movie and wine and bread and cheese. I loved going to the grocery store because it was all new and shiny and they have great packaging -- simple and modern. Sexy.

Two minutes!

Plans to go to the National Gallery during the week. Should've bought a ticket to Scotland today. Want to go swing dancing.

Have to run. Damn.

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