Friday, September 16, 2005

I have to make this brief because, in spite of the hostel's free internet, there is only one computer and there are people waiting.

I moved into the hostel this morning. It's £13.50/night, which isn't terrible, but not nearly as good as all the stories I've heard made them out to be (I guess Europe on $20/day is long over). Wandered around town for far too long today, and I'm starting to fear that my knees will never forgive me.

Caught up with Stephanie and Sarah late this afternoon. We went out for food and meandered around a while. They're rather jet lagged. They have lots of grand plans, which is good because it gets me out and about, but on the other hand I feel pretty exhausted when I think about all the things they want to do. I feel that at the rate I'm currently going and at the rate they want to go I'll be worn out quickly. I like my days where I don't do much of anything. I'm starting to miss them.

S&S went on a historical tour this evening about the city beneath Edinburgh (Mary King's Close, the tour and possibly also the city was/were called), and I declined to go swing dancing. I spent 50 minutes which included:

1. Finding the damn place
2. Realizing there was no one there
3. Walking back.

Should've gone on the tour, but it was very clearly stated on the Edinburgh Swing dance website that there were classes tonight. There were two lit windows and no open doors. Sheesh.

And now, relaxing until bed. Tomorrow... there's word about picnicing by the castle and perhaps going to a museum. And a good long nap. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

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