Thursday, September 22, 2005

There are so many things about this place that I just don't understand. The weather report, for instance. Apparently there's going to be a big influx of arrows over the weekend. A swarm of white arrows flying over the UK. And still the top story is Kate Moss and how she's apologizing for doing cocaine.

Where has the world been? Of course she does cocaine. How do you think she keeps her weight down, aside from the bulemia? Also, have you just looked at her? Cocaine chic is not done completely by makeup.

I hate the news. It means I have to form an opinion about stupid stories like that.

I don't understand telephone numbers here. Some are seven digits, some are as many as eleven. My own number is somewhere in the 15 to 20 digit range. And sometimes you need to add digits if you're calling from a mobile phone. Why?!

And the roads? I just don't get it. Sometimes there are zig zag lines, sometimes they're one way roads but have no apparent signs, the road signs are on the buildings but you can't really see cross streets until you actually make the turn. I'm not convinced I could ever actually drive here. There's too much that people seem to know without any sort of signage.

Well. I got together with Rita today. Rita, you may remember, used to be at Guilford but is now spending a year in Edinburgh to live and work. She and I never really talked much while in NC together. We seemed to be pretty shy around each other, talking only about the prospect of hanging out in Scotland. I figured that our get together would likely go just fine -- we would find things to talk about and feel a strong connection based on mutual situations.

And I was right. We skipped towards each other and caught in a giant hug -- both things we'd never done before. We had a grand time at lunch and chatted about our various experiences. Apparently her hostel is much friendlier than mine was. I still would rather have my own room, I have to say. Anyway. We had lunch and went grocery shopping and had a lovely time. There are grand plans in the works to take yoga together and hang out being awesome.

I must look quite the sight. I'm sitting in the internet-pub with my headphones talking to my computer. You see, with iChat you can do audio chatting. And I am. And so people can hear me talk but can't hear the other person talking. I bet it looks awesome. And since I'll likely be coming in here often I'll get to be the crazy American who talks to her computer.

Speaking of being the crazy American, I went to the Mary King's Cross tour, which is a historical tour about -- well, anyway, aat one point the tour encouraged us all to bow to the "queen" -- a silhouette. I leaned over and said I would, but I'm American.

HA! I am so funny.

My new place is good. Dirty, outside (and, frankly, inside) my room. I haven't met half of my roommates still, but I had a long conversation with the husband of the one roommate I've met, and I rather enjoy him. He's friendly and verbose, and offered me room to stay if I ever end up in Greece, where he's currently studying. Apparently there's another new roommate, but no one's met him yet.

I exchanged my lightbulbs (I'm surprised they took them back, what with the package being opened and me not having a receipt. But it all worked out and if things go well then I'll actually have some kind of decent light tonight.

That's about all for now, what with my computer being close to being out of power. I have an address, and should you be interested then drop me a line and I'll send it to you.

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