Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day 1: Philadelphia

So. The rules of driving to the airport were followed, and since we left with plenty of time we arrived, oh, three hours early. And continuing with the rules I sailed through security with no problem.

Even got myself an isle seat. I prefer window seats, but my dad made a fair point: I’m not going to want to crawl over two sleeping people just to get to the bathroom. So they switched me out no problem. Now if I can just get a whole isle to myself…

Being slightly hungry and also bored I stopped into Ye Olde Philadelphia Airport Brew Pub thinking I’d get a beer (hot damn I’m wild and crazy!) and then reconsidered when I saw it was minimum $5 for a beer. That, plus food = more than I’d care to spend, ‘kay thanks. No huge surprise there.

And hoo-ee I have enough adrenaline to swim over to the UK. It’s not as bad as it was before leaving the house (the continued packing debate spurred some concern and anxiety) when I actually considered going for a jog before we left.

Dad told me on the way over how proud he is of me for doing this trip. When he dropped me off he said, “You go, girl!” ...That’s my dad.

And now here I am by my gate (A10, for the curious) with an hour and a half before departure. Excellent. And I still don’t know if there’s a meal on my flight. I should find that out so I can grab a $5 bagel before getting on.

All is well and I’m a little nervous.

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