Sunday, September 11, 2005

6 minutes. Damn!


Up at 11, breakfast, then off to V&A museum. I wasn't all that impressed with what we saw. Lots of plaster casts of artwork. It's like seeing a poster of the Mona Lisa.

Even though I know I've remarked on a number of occasions that most art looks just like every picture one has ever seen of it. It's just not the same to see a recreation.

Then to the Natural History museum where they have lots of amazing fossils. We had to zip through to get to his friend's performance (evensong at... St. Pauls?), so I have grand plans to go back.

Off to the church for the service (I didn't agree to the actual service!) where they often spoke in drab monotone about god and peace (woo peace) then there was singing and it was lovely and OH two minutes, damn it all.

Off to a pub with the singers where I had nothing to contribute to the conversations. Bought a train ticket to Scotland for Wednesday and golly I spend too much money.

At any rate, hope to update more later. Once John goes back to work.


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