Friday, September 09, 2005

Twenty minutes. This thing is making me concise and a wicked fast typist. And less distracted! All good things, I think.

I spent most of yesterday evening in bed reading and knitting and having some more beer. John came home around midnight and we spent an hour and a half swapping music on our computers. We finally crashed near 2am, and I couldn't sleep. It was warm and I'm still a little jet lagged. Or something, because my brain wouldn't hush.

Up in the morning (slowly for me), coffee for me, and tea for John. Showers, then walking around the neighborhood to where some of the nicer shops are. Yesterday I was in what could crassly be called the ghetto shopping section. This batch of stores today had stuff that fit! Highly exciting.

We had lunch at a nice looking pub which turned out to be American-themed. Lame. I had a cheese-and-pineapple burger which would've been better had the burger not contained some kind of taco spices (including lots of onion -- ick).

And I have a cell phone! So if y'all feel the need to call me internationally then give me a shout and I'll send along the number.

We hit this fantastic vintage store with masses of shirts and skirts and pants and dresses for cheap (even with the pound/dollar conversion) and OH they're so fifties/sixties/seventies! I tried on a fabulously glam top (halter-style with sequins and feathers!) but John made the point that it would be dangerous to wear to the roller disco (not something that would be good to be untied... either by accident or not) and I likely wouldn't wear it elsewhere. There was also a very nice velveteen blazer. Lush deep green and only £7. And a courdory jacket, near-knee length, for £15. They both fit like a glove (as did the sequined halter, by the by), but after spending £50 for the phone (granted, it has £20 worth of minutes on it which should last a good two months) and £9 on lunch (ack!) I wasn't totally keen to spend more. So they're waiting for me if I want them.

Then some more walking and talking about what to do. We stopped at home so I could drop my bag off and ended up taking off our shoes, having a snack, reading, and then it's possible I dozed off on the bed. I woke to a text message on my Fancy New Phone and hauled myself up to check it.

And now I'm back at the internet cafe. When I'm done John and I will find something to do, and then either Roller Disco tonight (hot! But £10...) or go to some 80'sish style club (free before 11). The thing being that I'm not going to want to be out late, I think. We'll see. I mean, roller disco...
But £10...

Anyway. Hm. Not a whole lot else going on. I found my card reader for my camera so one day I might be able to post pictures. Maybe. If I can find wireless internet again. I have to say, though, that I haven't taken pictures of much. What's there to take? The roads look like London roads. And I don't want to be too grossly tourist. But I would do that if there were more interesting things to photograph.

Hmm. Hopefully more interesting stuff later.

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