Sunday, September 25, 2005

Nothing terribly interesting.

Yesterday I headed out to the grocery store only to get stopped by opera music eminating from the front of St. James Centre (a mall, for the curious). Turned out to be Bohème, a five-man man band, as they called themselves. They were doing sidewalk concerts to raise money for Save the Children. They did a combination of classical/operatic music as well as songs from movies like Band of Brothers. Lots of heal-the-world, end-wars, why-can't-we-all-just-get-along music. It was a great diversion from going to the store.

They had a filmographer with them who filmed the crowd and took interviews. He interviewed me because I'd been standing there for a while, and managed to not embarrass myself like the last time I got interviewed on-camera. Last time I was giggly and said dumb things. I was much cooler this time.

I pried myself away when they were getting into another pop song (I was hoping for more opera).

This world, as you have often been told but which I have just been reminded, is really freaking small. The gentleman who lives across the hall from me -- my flatmate -- used to be a contra dancer. When he lived in Massachusetts. He knows people I know.

That's just weird.

Walked to a new part of town today. Mostly residential, but with a gorgeous view.

Need to figure out where I'm going to travel to first. Jamie and Hans are coming soon, maybe I'll go out and see them.

Told you it wasn't anything interesting.

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