Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Durham, NC, USA

I want to clarify something so all y'all don't get the wrong idea.

Some people have referred to me as a seasoned traveller, and that as such, I'm a good packer which is by many accounts true. I can go on a week's vacation with a single duffel bag and not feel a pinch1, I know enough to not attempt to bring a near-empty toothpaste tube on a flight (which, even though it CLEARLY contains less than the allowed 3 ounces, SAYS, say, 12 ounces and is therefore banned), and I always usually manage to bring enough knitting to keep myself entertained.

Well. I'm on a trip to the NC shore for Trevor and Andrea's wedding. It's just a few days at the shore, but I decided to extend the trip and see some friends in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, and Durham while I'm here. I didn't check the weather before I left -- I never do (which ended up being a bit of a problem in New Zealand. I froze for the first month, not realizing how chilly their fall weather can be), but just packed generally-all-weather gear that would be good for layering, plus a nice dress for the cenermony.

These are the contents of my bag:
- 4 tank tops: 1 cotton, 3 wool (thin wool is better than cotton in warm weather. Seriously. Wool actually wicks sweat away instead of just getting damp and clammy like cotton).
- 2 pairs jeans
- 1 pair decent-looking trousers
- 1 pair trousers for dancing, which could double as decent-looking trousers
- 2 t-shirts
- 1 sports bra
- 1 dress
- 1 wool long-sleeved shirt for cool nights
- 1 fleece zip-up hoodie for tank-top modesty and also cool nights
- 1 fancy dress/t-shirt in case the wedding guests/I decide to go casual
- 1 pair comfortable but nice-looking shoes (worn all the time, so don't go in the bag).
- Assorted underoos (I don't buy into the 1-pair-of-underwear-for-a-vacation nonsense. Underwear takes up very little room, and is the only bit of clothing that really NEEDS to be washed before re-wearing. Bringing multiple pairs involves less washing. Plus, what if they don't dry in time? The quick-dry pairs I've bought have never been quick-dry).

See? Easy. A little heavier than I usually pack (I had my car with me, so that allowed for some decadent packing), but not bad.

What I didn't realize -- because I didn't check the weather -- is that NC this week has been subject to a blistering heat wave. It's been in the upper 90's, sometimes reaching into the hundreds, with humidity of approiximately swimming pool percent. Ask me how often I've needed that fleece hoodie. (Actually, the long-sleeved wool shirt came in handy as a pillow covering when I stayed with a friend who didn't use her air conditioning. See: sweat wicking).

That planning is pretty poor in itself, but here's the best part. Here's the list of things I forgot to bring:

- 1 swim suit
- 1 pair flip flops, or other beach shoes
- sun screen
- a towel
- SHORTS (save 1 pair of gauchos that were designated pyjamas because they're falling apart)

Apparently I somehow managed to ignore the whole "shore" aspect of the trip2.

Some seasoned traveller I am.

Congratulations, T&A. I love you both like whoa.

Trevor and Smandy">

1 Of course, I also don't mind wearing the same shirt/jeans repeatedly without washing them, which makes for easier packing.

2 Although in my defense when I was young "shore" meant the Jersy shore, which had little to nothing to do with swimming.

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