Sunday, September 04, 2005

News, news, news.

Item 1: Mark will not be able to hang out in our undecided place because he is Lame. My attitude about this: Whatever.

Item 2: Stephanie, who had expressed interest in going to Scotland with me but who wasn't positive about whether or not it was actually going to happen, is totally going to be there! Highly exciting y'all. Highly! Stephanie, if you don't know, is full of fabulous. And she's arriving in Scotland right when I am! She's only staying for a month, but that's still a month of the Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle, Scotland-style! And then after she goes is around when Jamie and Hans will be trooping around Scotland, so I might get to mooch around with them.

If that's true than I'll be around people I know most or all of the first two months I'll be there. A real growing experience! Yay independence!

Item 3: I leave in two days. Oh man.

One of the strange things about leaving is that I left NC, where I was happy and things were really rather good to go off to some unknown place that just might suck. But that's life and blah blah blah exploring myself and blah blah blah.

I had more to say but suddenly it's gone. Two days. Yow.

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