Friday, September 09, 2005

Note about money:

Aside from rent it seems remarkably cheap to live in London. If you take things as a 1:1 conversion (which is about right since an office worker doing something slightly more advanced than data entry could earn about £7/hour) then food is slightly cheaper (especially bottled water, hello, 70p/litre!) and clothes are WAY cheaper, especially if you buy conseignment. £3 for shirts/blouses, £15-30 for sweaters, £15 for shoes, £10ish for pants trousers, £5 for dresses...

As John rightly once said, earn in pounds and spend in dollars. Clever man.

I would like to note that he cleared out a drawer for me. How delicious is that? I have keys and a drawer. It's like I live here. Which I kind of do, just very briefly. Still! Delicious. I have awesome friends.

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