Monday, September 19, 2005

Today's entry is called My Stumble Over Perth, or How I Came To Be Sitting On The Side Of The Road For Two Hours.

We got up early yesterday and caught the train to Perth. I wasn't totally impressed by the landscape that we passed. From London to Edinburgh it was bright and cheerful. Yesterday the colors were dull and worn. Everything looked perpetually windblown (likely because it is) and all in need of an electric blanket and a good cup of tea.

Or maybe I'm just projecting.

Stopped in Perth and it turned out that the hostel wasn't there, but some ways outside of the city. Oookay... We waited for a bus and then drove half an hour to this hostel that -- well, it's in the middle of that farmland up north. The one with the sheep? You know the place.

It's lovely, it really is. An old farmhouse, big fields, barns, views all over the place because there is nothing there but grass and sheep and crows and general farmland. It seemed a more family-oriented place, with kids running around, and people were kind and helpful...

And I was having none of it. I was in no mood to be in some hippie-go-lucky farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. I wanted a bathtub, internet, a tv, my own room, and people who were nice to me throughout our exhange and then left me the hell alone.

If this were movies I'd be in a silk dressing gown, my hair would be long and lustrous and piled atop my head, I'd be sitting at a small, round table with a vase with a flower in it and a glass of bourbon. I'd have a cigarette in a long cigarette holder and I'd look moodily at the camera and say, "I vant to be alone."

But instead I sat on the concrete, in the wind and varying sun and shade and plenty of sheep.

And since I'm getting kicked off this computer I'll have to update more later. Damn you, unreliable internet!

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