Saturday, August 20, 2005

In a rare and brief burst of ambition I started packing for the move back to Philadelphia. As much as dumping one's stuff in one's old room can be considered moving. Cleaned out the back of my car (or at least straightened up all the bedding from the last dance weekend I attended. Which was in June), then got one of the giant boxes from the garage and began tossing stuff in. And nearly gave myself a hernia when trying to lift it. Somehow I managed to push/drag/strain the box into the car, and all was well. Except for all the other stuff I have yet to pack. Like my uike! I forgot I need to take my uike home in addition to my bike. Plus my shelves (hello, folding flat-ish). Plus my japanese maple.

That's going to be fun to fit into my car.

And people wonder why I have an SUV. Pssh. So I can transport my crap all over the east coast while polluting the environment!


Three or four more days until I need to be done packing and on the road.

And I realized I haven't mentioned my plan so far (so I can laugh at how it changes when I get over there):

-Sept 6, fly to London.
-Sept 7, arrive in London. Feel confident at flying and being all independent skills. Find hotel. Crash. Find John C. when he gets off work. Joyful reunion, ignoring the fact that I've met him thrice. Adore him anyway. Meet his girlfriend (still a confusing thing since he was gay when I left).
-Sept 7-14, hang out in London. Stay with John, then in hostels, or similar. Try to not be nervous about giant city with confusing public transportation. Meet Paige's friend Luke.
-Sept 15-17, meet Mark somewhere (Italy, where he's been staying? Elsewhere? Who knows).
-Sept 18, fly back to London and take train to Edinburgh, or fly directly from wherever to Edinburgh.
-After that, stay in a hostel until I travel more or decide to rent a flat.
-Possibly visit Grandfather's cousin and his wife in Norway.
-October, catch up at some point with Jamie and Hans as they do concerts all over the place. Possibly join Jamie and his brother for traveling up to Northern Scotland, or whatever it was he was talking about.
-See if American friends actually come visit me.
-In December, go back to London at some point, hang out with Katharine and be awesome.
-December 20, fly home.

Or something like that.


The Four of Clubs said...


I came across your blog, how exciting going to Europe! Anyway, if you need any suggestions or tips about London (I was there during Fall 04 Semester and back last March), I would be more than happy to help.

I hope all is well and that you have a safe trip.


Emily said...

That would be great! Thanks!

And how did you find my blog?

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