Friday, August 26, 2005

And with nine total hours of driving (damn you, traffic!) I'm no longer a resident of North Carolina. In fact, for the next few months I will be pretty well without residence (unless I do settle in Edinburgh, which is entirely possible). I managed to fit everything into my car (you are impressed, yes?) WITH a view out of the back window!

This is not entirely true. I was being very Crafty with my car packing, getting everything (everything!) in the back, and I was almost done, and I was triumphant at how it all fit plus seeing out the back window!

And then I realized I'd forgotten to pack my bike.


So my bike is residing in North Carolina for a while (thank you, Andrea...). And now my room is filled with boxes.


So! T-minus eleven days and -- eleven days? Jeez, this stupid trip is taking forever to get here. Getting a little impatient, okay.

Had a mild bout of panic last night which I'm chalking up to the fact that it was 2am and I was tired. Hopefully I will not have a full breakdown before/during the trip, as this whole blasé attitide is really helpful and non-stressful.

Do you think I can just leave my stuff in boxes? Cause I'm all kinds of not in the mood to put it away.

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