Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Winston-Salem, NC, USA

Two very classy people have observed to me how nice it must be to have a daddy who funds big trips.

Yes it would be, I would respond if I were a quicker thinker, except that I'm paying for this myself. (also, I might add, why couldn't it be a mommy who funds a big trip? Huh? Huh?).

And then, since we're in dreamland, I blow a big ol' raspberry in their face, kick them in the shins, and settle comfortably into smug superiority. Suckers.

A lot of people have told me that I'm so brave for undertaking this big trip alone, and what I try to explain, and what they don't care to listen to, is that for me, trotting off on some big trip is MUCH less scary than the thought of staying somewhere for longer than, say, a year at a time.

Paying a mortgage? Getting a pet that lives longer than six months? Having some variety of career? No, no, no. No thank you. I will take my rented apartment, my temp job, and keep my browser on travelocity. Yes I will.

So I might have some issues with long-term commitment. The concept of owning a house is both terrifying and more depressing than I'd care to contemplate. I'm hoping I'll eventually break out of this.

I still don't know what I'm going to do when I get back. It's looking likely that I'll come back to NC (if for no other reason than my friends just might kill me if I don't). My great plan, you see, is that while in NZ I will have an epiphany (did you know you can plan them? I have decided that you can) as to the best career direction ever. Then, when I come back to the states, I can get working on it.

That is my plan. It's foolproof.

Also, today I purchased my plane tickets for California. Oddly enough it was cheaper to buy three one-way tickets than it was to book a multi-destination trip. Go figure.


Janice in GA said...

Phooey on folks who think someone's bankrolling you! And as far as going by yourself, you go, girl. I did a TON of stuff by myself when I was younger, and if I hadn't gotten married, I still would. If I wanted to do something and didn't have anyone to do it with, I just went. That covered things like backpacking trips, motorcycle journeys and even just going to movies by myself. I just never got as far as getting out the country, but that was more a matter of lack of funds than anything.

If you're still worried about settling down when you're 40, we might need to talk. But not necessarily. Some people take their homes with them wherever they go. You may be one of them. :)

bball said...

You go, girl. I can't commit to a job either. I just sat here for 10 minutes debating about sending an email to my boss reminding her about a contract in exchange for certain improvements in my situation, and i just couldn't. contracts. urgh.

you're going to have a fabulous time, as always. you'll figure shit out. like where to live and whatnot. and maybe even have that epiphany. or not. it'll be great either way.

Lisa said...

Careers can be over-rated. Me- My family and I have spent somewhere in the range of 90K on my education (interest on those student loans is killer!) and 11 years later, I am thinkin'...I wonder what else I can do?

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